Gogi Dance Collective


Founding Members


Viviane Frehner

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Viviane was born in Switzerland and graduated from the Amsterdam Art School in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in contemporary dance.  After dancing for many years in Nanine Linning's Dance Company in Germany and freelancing throughout Europe, she migrated to the Northern Rivers, NSW Australia, in 2014.  Here she has been dancing, choreographing, teaching and directing numerous dance projects, amongst others things, for Bleach* Festival, The Commonwealth Games Festival 2018, Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance Brisbane and Crack Theatre Festival.  Viviane's short dance film GOGI premiered in 2017 and continues to be screened at film festivals nationally and internationally.

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Alicia Min Harvie

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Alicia Min Harvie is an emerging independent dancer and performance maker based on the Gold  Coast. Alicia spent her first Bachelor investigating Theological interaction of Arts and Contemporary Culture and her second training in Dance Performance at the Adelaide  College  of  the  Arts (AC Arts).  Since graduating, Alicia has been making works that blend performance, art and environmental restoration. Alicia creates experiences that are site-sympathetic and that bring the audience into the same playing space as the performers. The signature element of her work is blending subversive humor in created scenarios that open new perspectives towards the environment. Alicia desire's to design projects that are trans-formative and absorbing.

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Ashleigh White is an emerging contemporary dancer and performer whom is based in Gold Coast, Australia. Ashleigh was born in Perth and received her Bachelor of Arts (Dance) from The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), after graduating in 2012. Since relocating to the east coast in 2014 Ashleigh has been performing, teaching, choreographing and co-directing projects. This year Ashleigh was a Young Ambassador for Supercell: Festival for Contemporary Dance Brisbane, a performer in Everybody NOW's new work “YES, We Dance!” in the Commonwealth Games Festival 2018 and a performer and co-director in “Quiet by Nature” at Bleach* Festival and for “Iris” both by Gogi Dance Collective. 




With a combined 35 years of local and international dance practice, Alicia Harvie, Ashleigh White and Viviane Frehner are the Gogi Dance Collective. Producer and choreographer Harvie drives the creative collective’s exploration of new environments. White’s outstanding training at WAPPA elevates the company’s artistry. Frehner’s international career opens the regional company's perspective. Newly formed in 2015 and triennially funded by Gold Coast City Council, Gogi specialises in customised site­ specific dance experiences. By delivering high production values and excellence in choreography, visual and sound design, site and event management, Gogi’s unexpected, immersive experiences embolden audiences to explore their local spaces, connect with each other and shift their expectations of arts experiences.

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Our vision is to build a world-class company who imagine what is least imaginable and articulate the unknown in unforgettable theatrical dance experiences that expand the cultural landscape of the places in which we create.


We will achieve our vision by designing performances, workshops, classes, retreats and creative partnerships that hope to solve problems, imagine futures and to offer new ideas to the collective consciousness of the Gold Coast and beyond, one site, one community, one imagination at a time.

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Photo Credit: Leroy Gordon

How it all started

In 2014 Ashleigh White moved to the Gold Coast from home town Perth.  Six months later a contemporary dancer from Adelaide posted in a Facebook group saying "Hi everyone I'am moving to the Gold Coast in a few months and was wondering if there are any other contemporary dancers living there?".  Ashleigh saw this and responded straight away, after six months of feeling isolated and disconnected she couldnt wait to make a new friend! Ashleigh meet Alicia Min Harvie for coffee at Elk Espresso on a beautiful Gold Coast day and the two hit it off straight away.  Like a true love story a beautiful friendship grew... both Ashleigh and Alicia continued to search for more artists and communities to connect with and during 2015 found the missing piece to their puzzle, their trio of cheese, Swiss friend Viviane Frehner. 

All three independently wrote to, renowned physical theatre company, The Farm to find out if they were offering any opportunities for emerging artists.  They all generously received an invitation, despite being unknown to the company, to join the first creative development as ‘guest artists’ on a three week project called Inside Out, at Coolangatta.  It was at this project that they worked alongside The Farm together and began to connect with one another as they tumbled their bodies together in the sand.  The years that followed on from this initial meeting resulted in the formation of Gogi Dance Collective. 

Fun Fact

Gogi is a name, the name of Viviane's beloved great aunt Doris Schwartz (1930-2014). Also If you've been wondering "how do I pronounce Gogi?" don't worry... you are not alone.  We've found that its most commonly pronounced Goji...like the berry, but in fact, it's actually pronounced gog-ee.  *Insert AHA moment!!!