The Closet Activist


The Closet Activist… In a dark room, a row of bikes for all ages and sizes are lined up waiting for the audience to start pedalling so that the lights and music turns on and the show begins, telling the story of how it takes everyone to build a city.  

CLoset 1.jpg

Photo Credit: MG Photography

Creative Team

Director: Alicia Harvie

Performers: Ashleigh White, Callan Fleming, Gabriel Comerford & Viviane Frehner

Technicians: Benjamin Hobbs & Daniel Harvie

Visual Artist: Tony Stephens

Producer: Julia Bridger

Sound Design: Jason Sweeney

Mentor: Seeing Place Productions

Mentor: Relative Creative


Community Partner: Village Bike Mens Shed

Festival Partner: Bleach* The Gold Coast Festival 2016

The City of Gold Coast: Regional Arts Development Fund

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