You Don’t Know Jack & Kitty



What do you get when Contemporary Dancers meet Lawn Bowlers?

You don’t know Jack & Kitty is a site-specific dance and physical theatre work customisable to any of the 2,000+ unlikely contemporary arts venues across the country: your local bowling green. The work is inspired by the movement language, sporting etiquette, intergenerational demographic, and colloquial club culture of lawn bowls, an activity and community enjoyed regularly by over half a million Aussies.  

Gogi has executed a successful Stage 1 Creative Development, embedding the research within the Coolangatta Bowls club, and engaging new audiences in a showing of the work to over 70 bowlers & non-bowlers from the local community on Sept 27th 2019.

You Don’t Know Jack & Kitty is now in development again and will premier in February 2020.

A new folk song for Lawn Bowlers of Australia

Stage 1 was focussed on research, ideation, and experimentation, our showing resulted in significant positive feedback—audience members were asked to rate the likelihood that they would come to something like this again, indicating on average 94% (highly likely). Aiding the uniqueness of this first development was an original bowls-themed folk song, performed live by Guy Webster and integrated with the work. took so much time to appreciate what us older people do around the place...
— Coolangatta Bowls Club Member
I loved the reaction of the people who frequent this Bowls establishment. Listening to them explain to us what was happening.
— Art Industry Audience Member - non bowler

Resulting from audience members recognising bowls-related movements, signals and themes embodied in the work, the showing evoked real-time audience laughter, and chatter. Audience members pointed out bowling signals to fellow bowlers and non-bowlers, sharing in the experience of live art. Meanwhile on Social Media bowlers where sharing with their friends and family a humours promo video created by the dancers and Women’s Club Presidents of the Coolangatta Bowls Club. Check it out!

Creative Team

Directors & Performers: Ashleigh White, Viviane Frehner Alicia Harvie, Alicia De la fuente

Sound Design: Guy Webster

Lighting Design: Richard Morrod

Videographer: Marcus O’Mullane

Photography: Art-Work Agency

Dramaturgy/Choreographic Mentors: Liesel Zink & Gavin Webber


Community Partner: Coolangatta Bowls Club The City of Gold Coast: Through the Arts Organisations Triennial Funding Program