IRIS is an interactive roving sculpture and performance, inspired by the absurdity of the pannier skirts of the late 1700’s worn by the women of the French courts and the absurdity of the sea of plastic that currently resides in our oceans.

Brunswick Sculpture Artist Mimi Dennett has collaborated with Gogi Dance Collective to created large hoop skirts that are woven with colourful rubbish and are performed as roving characters named Iris. Iris is a character with huge eyes that can see into the future and with those same prophetic eyes she can peer at the audience as she dances. She loves to perform around bins and she is particularly loved by children.

Creative Team

Directors & Performers: Alicia Harvie, Ashleigh White & Viviane Frehner

Sculpture Artist: Mimi Dennett

Sound Design: Darren Porter


The City of Gold Coast: Through the CREATIVE GOLD Activation Opportunity

You might have seen IRIS at The Gold Coast Show September 2018, Brunswick Nature Sculpture Walk September 2018, Celebrate Gold Coast Chevron Island October 2018, T20 Cricket at Metricon Stadium November 2018, Luna New Year Celebration February 2019, Bleach* The Gold Coast Festival April 2019 & National Botanic Gardens Day June 2019.