1/15 Ross Street


1/15 Ross Street is a site responsive dance duet set in your iconic Australian backyard. The piece explores two housewives´ intimate realms and plays with poetic surrealism in suburban mundanity.

The audience is immersed in a voyeuristic experience while relaxing in deckchairs. With a beer in hand, they witness a surprising female relationship amidst domestic rituals and chores. 1/15 Ross Street represents a typical Australian scenario in which two strangers live in proximity and isolation at the same time. As the work progresses, the initial annoyance of living next to a random neighbour transforms into these humans becoming the closest witnesses to each others lives and a support.


Photo Credit: Kate Holmes

Creative Team

Directors & Performers: Viviane Frehner & Kimberley McIntyre

Sound Design & Performer: Barry Hill

Videographer: Matthew Price - Watch 1/15 Ross Street The Dance Film

Supporting Organisations

Regional Arts NSW: Through the Art State NSW (2017-2020) project

Northern Rivers Performing Arts: Co-commissioned by NORPA