GOGI explores the powerful inheritance of female independence and sisterhood, the discomfort of being lonely and yet the unspoken sense of unison of sisterhood with nature and women. The call of the ocean inspires a longing to be and to move as one organism.  Filmed across breath taking Australian landscapes, this poetic short film is carrying a journey of separation and fragility arriving in unison and femininity.


Photo Credit: Stefan Jose

Creative Team

Director & Performer: Viviane Frehner

Performers: Ashleigh White & Alicia Harvie

Videographer: Stefan Jose

Original Score: Adrien Casalis

Sound Design: Leonardo Guardo

Colourist: Matt Fezz

Creative Producer: Zoe Bosco


Private Donor: Doris Schwartz aka Gogi. Gogi Dance Collective was named in honour of Doris in 2016