Gogi Dance Collective


Site Specific Workshop

This workshop looks into our site specific practice and teaches hands-on tools and tasks to approach and develop ideas to tackle a site choreographically. The workshop is a playful mix of theory and practice and helps kick start playing and responding.

The workshop can be tailored specifically to your group and comes with a document to take home.

Gogi Dance Collective has been speaking at the Leaps and Bounds dance teacher conference about our site specific practice and is looking forward to teach it to your students.

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Dance Classes for Schools

Duets and Partnering Class

In this class we will be exploring dancing with another body. We will practice partnering techniques in playful improvisations and games and then apply what was learnt in short duet choreographies.

This class not only focuses on the partnering technique as a dance technique but builds confidence and courage through connection and physical play with peers.


Educational Performance

We Built This City

We built this City is an interactive, fun and creative contemporary dance theatre piece about designing possible futures, with a strong focus on sustainability. The piece explores the young peoples ability to think outside the box and problem solve. It takes the audience on a tour through a tiny house with a pedal powered composting toilet, slides with them through stuck pipes and teaches them the cockroach dance.

The Closet Activist @ Bleach Festival.2018-08-28 22_06_15.gif